Turn children’s works and ideas into money

Turn children’s works and ideas into money💰🧒💡✨

Blog in english
Blog in english

I started writing a blog 📝 (May 2021 Golden Week~)
I wanted to teach my children the meaning of blogging.

Write a diary 📝= You can get money 💰
I tried to take it in at home.

So these days,
Write a picture diary for a day 📝= 100 yen
Making works by drawing =💰 The amount varies depending on the performance.
Especially recently…

So these days, children write diaries and make works to show me when they want money 💰 lol

↓↓ 7-year-old son-made cutter 😂↓

The blade moves up and down properly😂

Cutter with origami 😂 It seems that they made it after reading Origami Books in school children.

Good job 👀✨ So,

I’ll make an origami cutter and show it to my mom and get 100 yen.

Momonga airplane ✈ 7-year-old son Hyuma-made
First of all, it didn’t resonate with my mother at that time, so 50 yen.


↓ 5-year-old daughter 🌼 Hana’s work 🌼↓

The pink in front of you is a ship🚢
Raindrops. White raindrops seem to wear necklaces.It’s interesting that the eyes in this picture don’t smile😂

Why does it only look like a sales smile?😂

Hana-chan seems to have built a 100-story house 🏠 Hana-chan ignored her brother’s words, “There are only 4 floors” 😂 lol
It seems like a bath full of flowers 🌼🌸💐 🛀🛁
This is also a bath🛀🛁
When I asked him what ◎’s picture was, he seemed to have drawn 🐌 Snail 🐌 😂

Apparently the park of ladybug 🐞 that I went to a long time ago.
Apparently, they drew my mom’s house 🏠 ✨🌈 It’s bright and nice because it uses a lot of colors 😊👍

Watch in a milk carton 🕰 It’s a snack at 3 o’clock after all 😂
5 years old 🌼 Get 500 yen in total ‼ ️💰 (The way you price it depends on your mother’s mood at that time 😂)

Yokai Watch Wristwatch ⌚ It seems to be ️

Givanyan and Orochi of Yokai Watch