a lovely view UFO drive along the sea

Tirihama Nagisa Driveway, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

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Blog in english おすすめ観光地

A place where one can drive on the sandy beach right next to the sea

Tinrihama Nagisa Drive in Ishikawa Prefecture ‼︎

It is the only valuable road in Japan and only three in the world.It seems that you can drive on the edge of the waves.

↓↓↓Photography while driving↓↓↓

Excerpt from the Internet↓

You can also rent chari at Tirihama Road Station.
Cars, buses, motorcycles, chari, marathon runners, etc. seem to run as much as they want.
Horses were walking in the sea of Uchinada, but there were no horses.

Tirihama no Drive Way Ending Point
Stained glass in the resthouse stained glass?
It’s lovely.

The sand statue below…

I don’t like it’s crazy.

It only looks like Shimura Prefecture’s A-N.
It’s funny that money sticks into your eyes and mouth.

↓Ah, that’s how I did it…
Hakui City was a UFO town.
UFO sightings are rumored to be number one nationwide.
What you said wins?Really?

Exhibit spacecraft that actually went into space!👽🛸
The only NASA special cooperation space science museum in Japan!🛸👽

It’s fun to see so many things falling on the beach.

Why broccoli?🥦

The stem is full of nutrients.
Did you throw it away‼︎⁉︎∑(゚Д゚)✨
That’s the matter that made me want to have a tsukkomi…

With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, Ishikawa Prefecture is in a festive state.
Ishikawa Prefecture, Kenrokuen Garden, this Senrihama Drive Way,
and so on. There are many places to have fun in secret.
These days, I thought it was actually a good tokoro.

Senrihama Drive Way.
It’s getting shaved off on the beach.
It seems that it will disappear one day… Rumors.

This view where you can drive while looking at the ocean in the car…
It’s heartbreaking to think that I can only see it now.