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“MonochromeCHAYA”cafe is a hot topic because it is too nice near Kanazawa Station.”It’s like jumping into the world of manga⁉︎Monaka ice cream is also popular 👀✨

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Popular Cafe Opens July 16, 2022

I went to 〝Monochrome CHAYA〟

↓ This cafe is about 8 minutes walk from Kanazawa Station.


It looks like this.

The back of the first floor is where we shoot.The second floor is a place to eat.

⬆Today, shooting spots are very popular, and the waiting time is long, so I gave up shooting🥲

We ate in the space upstairs.

“Monaka ice cream”🍦 shaped like a shell has become a hot topic ♡”

Monaka Ice & Ice Cafe Latte Set

I thought it was a cute shell-shaped plate.

You can also eat all the shell-shaped monaka(‘༥’ モグモグ)b

The shell-shaped Monaka ice cream is also a hot topic♡

The dining space on the second floor looks like this.

It just opened, so there were a lot of flowers.

black and white

On the wall, there’s a rough wave of ukiyoe style.

⬆I wonder if this is hand-drawn too???

The seats were full, so I only took pictures where I could take pictures.

The ceiling, of course, is black and white too

Looking up at the ceiling, you can see a cat.full of playfulness

By the way…

At the foot of the entrance on the first floor, the cat’s footprints…🐈‍⬛🐾🐾🐾

There were pictures in the back space of both rooms.

I couldn’t shoot because there were customers.

If you’re curious,

I will also post Twitter, Instagram, and news from the store, so please take a look at it.

Click here for news about “Monochrome CHAYA” in black and white.

"Monochrome Cafe" in Kanazawa is black and white, and the world of manga…"A married couple in their 30s "attracting people"

Click here for Twitter, which is a hot topic of “MONO CHAYA‘’

Shop Instagram (insta) is here💁‍♀️

Shop Instagram (insta) is here💁‍♀️

That’s it.

Too much emo near Kanazawa Station is a hot topic.
Monochrome CHAYA Cafe ☕
It’s like jumping into the world of manga ⁉

The shell Monaka Ice Cream is also popular 👀✨

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