Chinese characters Beautiful 綺麗 mother-to-child household

Kanji is interesting

Blog in english
Blog in english

The younger one wants to eat watermelon.
I want to eat melon.
I bought it when it was cheap 🍉🍈
Melons about 13cm in diameter 🍈
The best-before date is about 300 yen.
If you like, use a spoon to eat it with a spoon.
It seems that you like to eat…
What a luxurious way to eat (゚ω゚)⁉︎✨

Good! I spent a lot of money, so let’s get even a little bit of money! (What do you think💦) So I put my child’s favorite gourd food into Chinese characters.

Kanji is interesting.
If you write a melon, what?I thought “爪” 💅was similar to kanji, so I wrote it on the right side.

It’s very similar!! Great discovery👀✨

By the way, melon is written as “Licking Uri.”
It must be as delicious as licking 😋.

Would it have been better if you had studied and become smart as much as you spent by playing quiz-style guessing games while eating delicious food?

Kanji is really interesting.

“Unexpected kanji for “”fart”” and “”deer🦌”” look a little similar and interesting🤣”

“Beautiful綺麗” and “Rei麗” also use Chinese characters such as “deer 鹿🦌” and it is interesting to see why they are used.

Chinese characters learned in the first grade

Chinese characters learned in the second grade

約2倍‼︎∑(゚Д゚)‼︎💦 Double‼︎

Studying is a very fun thing, with knowledge and wisdom.The mother would be happy if the children could understand that studying is fun.

↑↑↑冬瓜=Write it down as a winter melon📝

I’ll write bitter melon📝

Teachers and students are in trouble💦
Thank you for your hard work🙇

It was a diary of a mother-to-child family💓