Kanazawa test difficult shudder

[18th] Kanazawa test date is November 5, 2022 ☆ It is a topic of conversation that it is difficult every year.I shudder at the moment I see “Challenge the Past Question!”

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Kanazawa certification
To what extent do you like Kanazawa?
the year 2022
Implementation requirements/application form
general incorporated association
Kanazawa Economic Friends Association
examination date
the year 2022
Saturday, November 5
application period
Wednesday, June 1st – Wednesday, October 12th, 2022


I found a brochure of Kanazawa certification, and I’ve been curious about it for a long time, so I decided to check it out…👀✨

What is the Kanazawa test?

The Kanazawa test is a test that recognizes your love of Kanazawa from various fields, including history, culture, economy, and industry.

In order to further enhance the brand power of Kanazawa City, which is decorated with history, tradition and culture, we are implementing it with the support and cooperation of many people.

So…When I opened the website of Kanazawa Certification…

https://www.kanazawa-kentei.com/⬅︎The Kanazawa Certification website is here.

Just a little bit.I’ll look at the Kanazawa Certification website. website.I was surprised because it was so difficult.

Challenge the Kanazawa test past questions!


(1) First question

Maeda Toshiie Mae, the founder of the Kaga domain, served Oda Nobunaga’s Bunaga at the age of 15. He was selected as ( ) and succeeded to the Maeda family.


beginner’s answer.Is it really a beginner’s question?

(1) Answer

  1. Akahoroshu (Red Mother’s Clothes)

Toshiie belonged to the Oda family, Akahoroshu, and often made military achievements.He was famous as a spear master.


(Unbelievably difficult…💦)
Maybe I should buy a book and take a beginner’s test.
By the way, the passing rate is quite low, and even beginners are rumored to be less than 5%…


Kanazawa Certification Projected Question Collections 2022