eスポーツ Hakusan Aeon has opened Flying Tiger shopping mall

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🎉Hakusan Aeon has opened Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan🇯🇵


Hakusan Aeon has opened🎉㊗️, so I will send you seasonal information. 

⚠︎Unfortunately, all stores were 📸I couldn’t take a picture, so I will deliver it to you a little bit🙇♀️💦

Aeon Mall Hakusan, which is a hot topic in local newspapers

Aeon Mall Hakusan, which is a hot topic in local newspapers 📰 and news (huh?Have you decided on the name at Aeon Mall Hakusan???)

There were people in Shirayama City who highly praised it, so I went on a reconnaissance 🤓✨

Rumor has it that the parking lot is a bit small. The car passage is narrow, so be careful when parking 🚗🔰

The place I was most surprised 😲‼️ was the place of MIRAIOM in CAPCOM ‼︎


At the Aeon Mall Hakusan store, which is scheduled to open on July 19, 2021, the shape of “future (MIRAINO) play” proposed by Capcom, a new type of experience-based amusement facility “MIRAINO” that combines sports and entertainment Aeon Mall Hakusan store “will be introduced.

MIRAINO Aeon Mall Hakusan is an 8-meter-high climbing wall, one of the largest Internet activities in Hokuriku with a total length of 30 meters, and the latest CAPCOM e-Sports Club VR Club where you can experience e-Sports excitement.

In particular, VR-X will also feature the first VR attraction in the “Turnaround Trial VR20” series, which can only be enjoyed here at the “MIRAINO Aeon Mall Hakusan.

In “VR-X” where you can enjoy Capcom’s original VR, “Ace Attorney VR No. 20 Case”, the first VR attraction in the “Ace Attorney” series, “BIOHAZARD VALIANT RAID”, “Rockman VR Targeted” Virtual world! !! ], Etc., you can enjoy 4 types of the latest VR in all.

“VR-X” Capcom’s original VR

↑↑↑ The usage fee is here 💁‍♀️

There were about 4 glittering girls around 20 years old,a pair of men , and young people.

The area inside the game center is large (゚ д ゚)‼ ︎ ✨

The trial of VR 20 has begun.
Save Ryuichi Seihodo and his client who are in trouble for lack of evidence!

Children are having a lot of fun🧒

If you look at the map, it’s about the same area as Aeon Cinema🎬🎞🎥

Insanely big

Authentic! !! (゚ д ゚) ✨

👇👇 Excerpt from the net 👇👇

■ Facility information ②: Hokuriku’s largest physical activity “Crazy BANeT”

It is one of the largest physical activity zones in Hokuriku that both children and adults can enjoy, such as a climbing wall boasting a height of 8m and a net activity with a total length of 30m.



The image inside? seems to be like this.

There is also a place where you can climb 🧗♀️ in Sakuraga Pond in Johana, Toyama Prefecture, but it is as big as that😵‼️🏔

CAPCOM investing in e-sports is amazing ∑ (゚ Д ゚)‼ ︎ ✨ ✨ ✨

CAPCOM e-sports (゚ Д ゚)‼ ︎ ✨

The chair 💺 in the back here is a really good chair…😲✨‼︎I don’t get tired even if I sit for a long time & I feel that the price is high🙄

Have you finally come here ∑ (゚ Д ゚)! !! !! !!

Who would have imagined that the time would come when this game would make billions of prizes 💰 even though it was an elementary school student? Esports is amazing (◎ _ ◎;)

It’s an era when there are children who earn hundreds of times more than dads in games … interesting …

In Japan, about 20 years ago, it smelled like cigarettes 🚬 I can’t believe I’ll be able to see it on such a beautiful machine… ((゚)‼︎✨✨✨

I saw a street fighter game for the first time in a while🤜

There were many game consoles behind it

The children look happy. It’s wide and you can walk around as much as you like, so if you don’t look closely, you’ll get lost … Adults are likely to fly money from their wallets💸😭


Where did I come from, I was getting lost

But there was a balance walking corner, and somehow I had a strong impression, so I came back safely without getting lost (^ ◇ ^);) 💦

I don’t mind, DAISO in such a place looks fashionable …😲✨

In Ishikawa Prefecture, there was a famous [Oguchi Suisan] of Omi-cho Market😲‼️✨🐟✨

Fresh fish sushi looks delicious🥺✨🍣

Tuna sushi looks delicious🥺✨ 🍣

Walking tirelessly while purring your stomach,

There was a small playground for the children👧
It’s also called a candy house.🍬🍮🎂

Nice atmosphere 👀✨🌴🌿

Maybe a place called ✨Kagayaki Street✨

Kagayaki means shining✨

Kagayaki =かがやき

I was surprised at the movie theater 🎬🎦🎟🎞 😲 This panel 👇👇👇

I’ve never seen the concentration of carbon dioxide in the theater 😲‼️✨✨✨

When walking in the food court on the 3rd floor、、、

KidsDreamWorld😲⁉️As I move on、、、

There were child-sized chairs, tables, and toilets that even small children could come with peace of mind. Child-sized toilet 🚽, cute (* ´Д ` *) 💕

The right half of the map on the 3rd floor is full of

[toy corner],

[Morley Fantasy (game center)],

and [baby products 👶🤱]

It was a place where children seemed to like it.👧🧒

In this [🦕 Dinosaur House 🦖], there was a dinosaur with only the upper body moving (๑╹ω╹๑) The target age is 0 to 3 years old, so is that age scary?

Also, is ☝️L.A.DEPO🇺🇸 I like it (´`)💖📸

This is probably a cash register. My acquaintance used an antique one older than this is antique.

Two big animals will be welcomed at the entrance of Sports Xebio! ︎🐻🦌

Gacha-gacha corner is wide ∑ (゚ Д ゚)

Does that mean that these are in the gacha? ?? ??

Flying Tiger, a shop known to those in the know, will conclude with a shop in Copenhagen 🐯

In a good atmosphere, I went on a weekday evening on July 21st, but the students may have a summer vacation,

so adults, children and students alike It was crowded 😊

If you have a shop you are interested in, please come and say ~ (๑╹ω╹๑) 💖

Thank you for reading it to the end✨
See you again(๑╹ω╹๑ )ノ 
See you💖
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